Will 4680 Batteries Make Tesla Cheaper?  

This article discusses how Tesla plans to make their new battery cells cheaper, which may affect their Cybertruck.  

Reports from Auto News suggests that Tesla plans to use their new cell in the upcoming Tesla Semi electric truck,  

and this will likely increase the battery capacity of both these vehicles.

Furthermore, the company is also reportedly launching a more affordable version of its electric vehicle, which will be made possible by using the new cell pack.  

Additionally, Tesla plans to ramp up production for Model YS by using components from their Texas-based Gigafactory.  

This new battery cells are expected to be used in other vehicles and Tesla’s Model S and X vehicles may also receive a battery pack upgrade when they get their next refresh cycles.  

The use of these new battery cells may eventually make it possible for Tesla to launch more affordable versions of their cars and make them more competitive in the auto industry.